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Thamsar Pass Trek

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Thamsar Pass

Trekking and Camping in Himachal Pradesh

Thamsar Pass Trek is a popular trekking route in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It offers breathtaking views of the Dhauladhar Range and the Kangra Valley. The trek starts from the scenic town of Barot, located in the Mandi district. The Thamsar Pass trek is a moderate to difficult level trek that requires some prior trekking experience. It usually takes around 5-6 days to complete the entire trek, covering a distance of approximately 40-45 kilometers. The trail takes you through lush green meadows, dense forests, and several picturesque villages. Along the way, you'll come across pristine waterfalls, crystal-clear streams, and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. One of the highlights of this trek is the Thamsar Pass, which stands at an altitude of around 4,800 meters. It is a challenging pass to cross but offers stunning views of the nearby peaks, including the Manimahesh Kailash. During the trek, you'll also get to witness the unique culture and lifestyle of the local people living in the remote villages of Himachal Pradesh. You can interact with the friendly villagers, try local cuisine, and learn about their traditional customs. If you are planning to embark on the Thamsar Pass trek, it is advisable to go with an experienced trekking group or hire a local guide. They will ensure your safety and help you make the most of your trekking experience. Don't forget to carry essential trekking gear, such as a good pair of hiking boots, warm clothing, a backpack, and a sturdy tent. Overall, Thamsar Pass Trek is a thrilling adventure that offers a perfect combination of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and physical challenge. It is a must-visit trek for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers in Himachal Pradesh.

Tour Program

Trekking and Camping

Thamsar Pass Trek Itinerary

Day 1
Bir to Billing – 2600mts, 2-3 hrs trek
Trek starts from Bir to Billing, 4hrs walk. The trek is of moderate ascent. It is known as one of the best placing for paragliding. It gives most scenic panorama of the Shivalik ranges.
Overnight Camping
Day 2
Billing to Raj Gunda, 6 hrs
Trek goes to the north of billing along spur above the uhl river with easy walk. There are potato farms in this village.
Overnight Camping
Day 3
Raj gunda to Pani Hardu (3693mts) 6 hrs
This trek is moderate ascent.
Overnight Camping
Day 4
Pani Hardu to Marhu (3900mts) over Thamsar pass (4665mts),10-12 hrs.
This trek is weary and it involves climbing. A beautiful small glacial lake can be seen on this trek. The pass is surrounded by snow and pass also shares two different valley (Kangra & Ravi valley). From here trail descends to the vast of snow towards north. The trekkers and gaddis camp at this place and make an early starts to cross Thamsar pass.
Overnight Camping
Day 5
Mahru to Bara Bhangal (2540mts),5 hrs.
It is downhill trek to Bara Bhangal which is situated above the attraction for trekkers, mountaineers, nature lovers and anthropologist who thrive to feel and experience the lives of local tribes who live there in complete isolation untouched from the outer world in their own traditional ways.
Overnight Camping
Day 6
Rest day.
This will be a rest day in Bara Bhangal Village. You can visit and explore the village.
Overnight Camping
Day 7
Bara Bhangal to Sukha Parav (2990mts),5-6 hrs.
This trek passes through forests. Streams and meadering rills involving many ups and down. This is a sceneic feast with panorama of peaks all around.
Overnight Camping
Day 8
Sukha pass to Lama Rarav (3150mts),4-5 hrs.
This is an easy gradual trek with moderate ascents.
Overnight Camping
Day 9
Lama pass to Gwari(3780mts),5-6hrs.
The trek which rises steeply arduous climb up to the camping ground. Gwari is situated at the fool hill of Kalihin pass when the Kalihin river originates and joins the Ravi near Bara Bhangal.
Overnight Camping
Day 10
Gwari to Sanghor (3600mts),10-12 hrs. over Kahilin pass.
This is very tiring trek. The climb becomes stiff before the pass but then rewarded adequately for ones efforts by fascinating view of the mountains of Greater Himalayas as seen from the pass. One needs balance and self control while descending.
Overnight Camping
Day 11
Sanghor to Sangchur (288mts),6-7 hrs.
This trek passes through many ridges and crosses through couple of streams on its way to Sangchur.
Overnight Camping
Day 12
Sangchur to Manali (2050mts),6-7 hrs
This is comparatively easy trail can be covered n 2-3 hrs. The trek descends through many villages of Kullu Vally.

Thamsar Pass Himachal

The Thamsar Pass Trek is a captivating expedition that takes you through the pristine landscapes of Himachal Pradesh. Here are the key highlights of this remarkable trek:
Location and Overview:
The Thamsar Pass is nestled amidst the mighty Dhauladhar and Pir-Panjal ranges in the Western Himalayas.
It serves as a gateway to the remote Bara Bhangal village, tucked away in the blissful Kangra valley.
Despite its breathtaking beauty, this trail remains less traveled, making it an ideal choice for adventurous souls.
Trek Details:
Duration: 14 days (4 days of travel and 10 days of trekking).
Best Season: Mid-June to Mid-October.
Grade: Tough.
Altitude: 4550 meters (14,928 feet).
Total Trekking Distance: Approximately 98 kilometers.
Scenic Marvels:
Thamsar Pass: The high point of the trek, offering mesmerizing views of the Kangra and Ravi valleys, meandering rivers, and snow-laden peaks.
Kalihani Pass: Enthralling vistas of hanging glaciers, glacial lakes, and the Pir-Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges.
Lamadugh and Riyali Thach: Vast meadowlands with panoramic views of distant peaks like Deo Tibba, Indrasan, and Hanuman Tibba.
Challenges and Rewards:
Tough Gradient: The steep ascent and high altitude pose challenges even for experienced trekkers.
Remote Beauty: Treacherous trails, glacial beds, and rocky moraines lead you to hidden gems.
Local Insights: Encounter the lives of Gaddi people living in the high mountain regions.
Spiritual Exploration: Conclude your trek in Dharamshala, where you can explore Buddhist culture and visit the residence of the Dalai Lama.
Dream Come True:
For ardent trekkers and adventure enthusiasts, conquering the Thamsar Pass is like realizing a dream.
So, gear up, embrace the challenge, and embark on this blissful and heavenly journey of a lifetime!
For a detailed itinerary and more information, you can refer to this link1. Happy trekking! 🚶‍

How to Reach Thamsar Pass

Reaching Thamsar Pass involves a trek through the Dhauladhar range in Himachal Pradesh, India. Here's a general guide on how to reach Thamsar Pass:
By Air:
The nearest airport to Thamsar Pass is Gaggal Airport (also known as Kangra Airport) near Dharamshala.
From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach the village of Bir, which serves as the base for the Thamsar Pass trek.
By Train:
The nearest railway station to Thamsar Pass is Pathankot Railway Station.
From Pathankot, you can take a taxi or a local bus to reach Bir.
By Road:
Bir is well-connected by road with major cities in Himachal Pradesh and neighboring states.
You can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach Bir. Buses are available from cities like Dharamshala, Kangra, and Pathankot.
Once you reach Bir, you can start the trek to Thamsar Pass:
The trek to Thamsar Pass starts from Bir and passes through the picturesque Bara Bhangal Valley.
The trail leads through dense forests, meadows, river crossings, and steep ascents.
The trek usually takes around 10-12 days, depending on the pace and camping spots chosen along the way.
It is recommended to hire a local guide or join a trekking group for a safe and guided experience.
Make sure to carry proper trekking gear, sufficient food, water, and other essentials for a comfortable trekking experience.
Please note that Thamsar Pass is a challenging trek that requires prior experience in high-altitude trekking and physical fitness. It is important to check weather conditions, obtain necessary permits, and plan the trek accordingly.
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12 Days 11 Nights
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Thamsar Pass Trek Himachal